What goes through a guy's mind when he's about to cheat?

Why do you do it?

Do you not thinking about your girl?

What runs through your mind?


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  • You don't think about your girl, thus you don't get to consider the consequences.

    I've never cheated before, but it's not too hard to think about this. A good example is not doing your homework, to do something you feel like doing instead. You KNOW that what you should be doing is your homework, but you don't think about it. All you care is about doing that fun thing, and thus you completely ignore the consequences that will come from you not having done your homework.

    It's the same with cheating. At the time, you're with another person, and they're really hot and into you. For a moment there, you just get lost in the moment forget about the consequences. The trick is to stop yourself from getting in that moment. As soon as you see there's a person who is into you and is trying to get close, the best strategy is to stop that person from getting too physical with you.

    I don't know what it's like for girls, but for guys it's really really hard to say no to a girl who we think is hot after she is on top of us, kissing us and doing things with our penis. Our mind sort of goes blank for a moment and we can't really think straight anymore. We just get lost in there and forget about pretty much everything. It's a big struggle with ourselves between pulling out from that, and just saying "screw it" and giving yourself to the girl.

    It also depends a lot on the guy as well, and how much he loves the person he's currently with. If he doesn't love her so much, then the chances of a girl getting him to cheat are very high.


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