If an ex wants to be friends, does that mean they don't have feelings anymore and is over you?

Just say you and your ex broke up in good terms
And so they still want to be friends
As in they still contact every week and still wanting to hang out every week after the breakup
Does that mean they are already over you?
  • Yes that means they are over you
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  • No it doesn't mean they are over you
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He has still feelings for you, and is for sure not over you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • he has no feelings


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What Guys Said 2

  • Keeping you on the back burner.. that's all.. women do it all the time to men.

    • Wtf. No.. that is not always true mate.

    • Only douchebags and bitches keep their ex on the back burner while they explore other options.
      The good ones usually genuinely wants to be friends or wants to get back together in the future.

    • It's a slippery slope.. So both mutually agreed to break up.. Now that has never happened.. You do understand that don't you? I mean please don't ever believe that two people equally wanted to break up. That has never happened since the beginning of time. One person always wants to break up more than the other and then the person that really doesn't want to break up follows. That's how it works , my man. So I was commenting on the scenario if the woman wanted to break up more than the man.. So my take and opinion was on that.. If a woman really initiates the break up and then wants to be friends.. then she is keeping you on the back burner.. You don't break up with someone that you really want as a partner..

  • No that doesn't work so quick. I guess he just don't want to lose you... Because he still has feelings


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