Guys... are you into second chances?

a little under a year ago, I broke up with the first guy I was ever in love with. we ended up going to college in two different states, and the distance was too much. it made us fight a lot, but we both still loved each other. after we broke up, he wouldn't talk to me for about eight months. but I decided to move back to my home state, and now we talk every day. I recently asked him if he thought we would have a chance together again, and he said that he didn't know what the future held, but he was too busy for a relationship right now. I thought that would be the end of it, but he seems to take a special interest in me again. he remembers every detail of when we were together (a year)... I've had the flu this week, and he has checked up on me every day... and he's taking me to dinner when he comes home next week. do you think he's just trying to put our friendship back together? or do you think he's interested? I really miss him, and some advice would be appreciated:]

i should add that he has these two girls at school that he's with ALL the time... maybe he likes one of them? aghhh


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  • General phrase and quotation: "what didn't work the once won't work ever". If the error that caused the breakup originates from personality incompatibility and people don't change, then they get nowhere further than before.

    Otherwise, in the moment, second chances always seem like a good idea. Also, if he visits you and all then he's interested, no doubt. The only way to tell what he has with those girls is in the future. If he picks you to be in a relationship with, then he obviously won't be in two others simultaneously. :P


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  • I think he's trying to rebuild the friendship because it's very hard to ignore the negative emotions caused by difficult breakups.

  • Sounds like he could be interested as a friend or possilbe relationship, stay in touch, he might be keeping you on the back burner ...


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