Please read and assist me on how to get over my ex boyfriend?

It's been over a year since me and my ex broke up but I think about him every day and I keep having flashbacks of our moments together but I keep calling him with private just after it goes to voicemail I don't call back and he never once recieved my phone call and I even changed my number and am talking about it being over a year. I don't call him all the time but every so and then but my heart broke once we broke up in 2017 literally his the man who took my virginity, used me and abused me and even got pregnant by him and since then I feel like no one will ever love me and that he is right because he told me am the type of girl no one once during the time we broke up and it hurt each time he ignored me during the days I was pregnant and it hurt me the fact that all the care and love given by me wasn't enough.

I deleted all of his photos and everything but still the flashbacks are there like it was yesterday we broke up but honestly I loved him so much would've done anything for him but it was a fine line between me moving on and doing what I thought was right and I don't wanna go back to him but a part of me loves him a lot because after all his the one I shared my baby with. How can I think of the man who abused our baby with filthy words while I was carrying it , didn't have a heart towards our baby and he made his mind up to leave us and honestly if I knew I would have to live with this pain of loosing both then I wouldn't have wasted so much time on a a worthless relationship where I got taken for granted
Please read and assist me on how to get over my ex boyfriend?
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