Do heartbreaks make you want to hurt yourself?

Never really had my heart broken
I’ve had my heart hurt before, but not broken
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Not on purpose. But after break up I got involved in self destruct behaviour: going out, drinking, not being able to eat much or sleep, self pitty etc. I had situation where my heart was broken, I really suffer, at same time I had difficult home situation when family member got mentally ill. My life was hell. For more than 6 months I cried everyday. Every night I felt a sleep sobbing. It felt like it won't ever go away or be better but I never think about hurting myself or doing something stupid.. I was only afraid I will go crazy. I still remember that day in November when I didn't cry, and tomorrow didn't cry and day after. It just went away. I was so used up to suffering that I was imune to all situation after that period. I was strongest at my weakest point. I didn't care and thats when I met love of my life. I was really miserable before getting happiest as I been in my life. It is really true that sun will shine brightest after darkest night. So keep going. You may not see it now but it will go away and you will be happier. Just keep going.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends
    What kind of heartbreak was it?
    Did she let you down easily?
    No; you won’t wanna hurt yourself..

    Did you walk in on her riding some man who’s twice the size you are?
    Was she practically screaming?
    did she see you & keep riding?

    you should get help after seeing that.


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  • Not at all

  • Never

  • Yeah. I tried hanging myself but he snapped the rope


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