To text or not to text?

The other night while at a bar, I met this guy after he shot over a drink to me and I went over and talked to him. I had a lot in common with him and he asked for my number before we left.

that was wed night. Thursday night we texted for hours. He works as a police officer and works midnight to 8am, so he is used to sleeping all day. so we texted from about 6p to 1am :) he asked a lot about me and we had a lot in common.yesterday he texted me around 6pm because he got up from sleeping all day and was heading to a party and would text me when he got there. I didn't hear from him so I assumed he was at the party. I didn't hear from him today but he also goes into work at midnight so I assmed he was sleeping. Should I text him and ask how the party was or just let him text me?
To text or not to text?
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