Any words of advice or encouragement?

My girlfriend broke up with me because of long distance
she said she wants to date someone who’s closer and she could see more often than seeing me once every other month
I’m not heartbroken but I’m sad because I’ve fallen in love with this girl and it’s early and we’re both young but the spark I felt when I met her last year , she’s really grown on to me
she said she’s unhappy with the lack of seeing me affects her
She’s away at college and I’m stuck here in a local two year school but I aim to transfer to a school closer to her and that should be happening next year
she said she can’t wait on me any longer and I’m totally crushed
imma end up being someone she once dated and it hurts because it’s kinda like the 1st real love thing because we did a lot together and everything she’s learned from me she’s going to give to another guy and become a perfect girlfriend 💔... I lied I am heart broken
1 y
Any words of advice or encouragement?
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