How to get rid of your ex?

so I was going out with this guy and we decided to break up on the beginning of summer. ever sins the break up I haven't talked to him, well yes I have said hi or you know the usual. lonely months went by and I just started dating the most amazing guy ever!. but when I was out with my boy friend, I ran into him and his girl friend and he just said hi and stuff but then he later texted me and told me that he could not stand seeing me with another guy and that he dumped his girlfriend for me and he wants to get back. so I replyed no back to him. I really do not like him and I have no idea how to get rid of him... without being a complete bich?!


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  • Don't worry about being a bitch.

    Clearly say/text "I don't like you, leave me alone."


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not your problem he dumped his girlfriend. You met an amazing guy, shouldn't you pursue him?


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