Should I go back with my childhood sweetheart?

So when I was 14 I had a massive crush on this boy in my maths class and he was really shy. He was my first kiss I remember it was inside a tent made out of recycled materials in a museum after that we started dating on and off in secret. He was so romantic and passionate with me but when I was 16 his best friend who was dating my best friend told me he was texting her and they were cheating on us. Ever since I've not spoken to him. my old best friend recently broke up with him after 4 years and I'm pretty much over it as we were kids and I'm 20 now it in the past.

Today I saw him on the bus with some friends on there way to see a football match and he looked and smiled at me and said hi and came sat behind me. We started talking and laughing about the past and he said cheating on me is his biggest regret (he was a little drunk) and he said "I was a idiot look at you, your freaking hot and I treated you like shit, you deserved way better" even though he was drunk because he was revved up for the football game he seem like a changed man and matured a lot and I'm thinking maybe I should take him back after all this time or at least be friends as he seems like a really cool person now
Should I go back with my childhood sweetheart?
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