Does he have feelings or is he bored/confused?

After 2 years my ex still wants to see me. He texts me pictures of his day and talks to me. I told him I had been with other guys and he hasn’t been with another girl last time I saw him.

When we meet we end up in bed and we have met about 5 times since breaking up. He was too immature for a relationship and liked his own space.

He is in his 30s and is scarred of commitment. He only has 1 friend and maybe he needs a friend? He once cancelled meeting me saying the same thing would happen again and I would get annoyed at him. I said ok we can be friends but not meet anymore.

But now he apologised twice and is saying it was because he wasn’t feeling well and wants to see me. He has a hard time talking about feelings. I know him well and maybe he can’t like go. I like talking to him but it’s a strange situation
Does he have feelings or is he bored/confused?
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