Why am I dwelling on this?

I met a girl three years ago during freshman year of college, and only knew her for one fraternity party night and a number of facebook correspondences in the months after. She was in hopes of a relationship, but I chickened out and dissolved the whole thing. This girl goes to another school an hour away and I have no contact with her at all (since she deleted me from her friends list once she got a new boyfriend a year later). YET I CANNOT SHAKE HER FROM MY MIND! It doesn't make sense at all. I've been around a number of other awesome girls over the years, but I can't help to compare each one to this single girl.

What should I do about this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's because you chickened out and now wonder what could have been. You need to call her and tell her how you feel. Take the leap and even if she rejects you, at least you will have the closure you need to move on.

    • I agree that I wonder what could have been. the problem is that its far too odd for me to interject in her life now, especially since she has a boyfriend.

    • Whats the worst that could happen? I would at least put it out there, she may not even have a boy friend anymore. You need to find closure to move forward with your life.

What Guys Said 1

  • Put yourself in her shoes. If she's only seen you ever so faintly and you have not established a deep rapport with her, she probably thinks you're just another random guy. If she does not harbour any thoughts for you at present, why bother to give her the benefit of liking her? Just remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea out there. Looking for one fish is silly because you are giving up a whole net load of other potential ones.

    • You've never seen this fish... Great White Whale I tell ya!

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