Is it okay to talk to my ex now?

my ex and I broke up almost 2 months ago. we were on and off again all the time and it was really complicated. I wasn't even sure he cared about me. with all of that, plus millions of other reasons why, I told him I was done and I cut him off. he haven't spoken since. now, my bro told me he saw something on his facebook that made him think my ex was upset or depressed or something. I still really care about him and I just want to know if it would be weird to call him and ask if he's okay. would he mind or think I'm nuts or something?


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  • If you not interested to get back with him and really care about him - do him a favor and leave him alone, he needs to heal and your phone will only open his wound...I understand your "curiosity", but if you really care about him - allow him to heal. Trust me, he will able to cope with it without your help.

    • I actually do want to be with him. but I had to cut him off because I was tired of feeling like he didn't care about me and I just need to be over him if he in fact doesn't want to be with me. ever since I told him I was done, he's only tried to talk to me once to see if I was okay. plus, I'm not even sure what he is upset about is about me. that's why I want to know if it would be weird to talk to him considering I don't think he cares

    • If you interested to be with him - make it clear, please don't play games.

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  • Yes call him and ask. Seems you care for him a lot and he is not over with you yet. He need support and who else can give him the best support then you.

  • Give him a call! It sounds like he wasn't totally over you when you cut him off. I know I'd appreciate the call


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