Why did this girl end our relationship? Please Help?

This girl i have been seeing for under two months decided to cut things off with me. She's been a type suffering with depression. And has been under constant medication. Sometimes she cancels on dates cuz she's feeling weak to go anywhere. Other times she wouldn't want to meet up at all or offer an alternative day. But when i called her out on it she says she is definitely interested but couldn't keep up cuz of her health and stuff and assured me that there is no other guy in the picture as she hasn't has sex for about a year. Even when we try to have sex, for some reason which i don't know, i am unable to penetrate her even when I'm kinda hard. Now when she was cutting things off i asked her upfront to be honest if it was the sex, but she said it was not it was her health as she was weak and didn't have time to dress herself up and wear makeup and such. And that i should go find someone else as she doesn't want to be a burden to me.
Now I'm a lot confused. What do i do here? Please anyone's insight to this would be greatly appreciated. Mostly a girls'.

Why did this girl end our relationship? Please Help?
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