Is he thinking about her while he's with me? :l

This guy I've met, has a girlfriend but he asked me for my number randomly so I ended up giving it too him because he is rather cute. So we started texting & ultimately ended up talking on the phone for 3 days straight.. then feelings came into the conversation & I immediately stopped him because he had a girlfriend, 3 days later or so they mutually broke it off. Now we talk every single day every minute of everyday.. but he's made it known that they still talk as friends, because he said he's not going too be an asshole and disappear out of no where because they were together for a year -__- but, I`m just taking it step by step I just want too know should I trust this situation? He tells me the most honest things, that melt my heart.. I`m scared he's with me thinking about her. Help me :l
He ended up getting back with her, and crushed my hopes.


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What Guys Said 1

  • The fact that he ended things with his girlfriend (presumably to be with you) could be seen as a bad thing and a good thing:

    Good- he really likes you, even after barely knowing you that's always good.

    Bad- it shows he lacks commitment or at least an emotional connection to relationships if he can just end a year long one because some 'new toy' has come around.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well this is good and I'm afraid bad also.


    He was so "love at first sight" on you that he just had to end it all with his one year old love to be with you. That is so sweet and romantic, its a happy ever after moment. now...


    He might have lied to you about having broken up with her as he admits they still talk. But lets hope for the good.


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