I don't think so? childish

My ex and I have been talking for awhile both single and we have our reasons for breaking up but we have so much in common like I know more about him than his other ex's and I want him back but he just doesn't want to get hurt again I understand that part but Iv been patient about it we have been talking for 3 months. I'm tried of waiting I want to be with him but he can't see that I'm that girl for him then I feel like taking my love to somebody that I know won't even second guess. Am I just acting childish?(oh yeah I cheated on him 3 times long distance relationship)


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  • With all due respect, you cheated on him? 3 times? I think it's best for the both of you to move on at this point. You seem to like certain parts of him, but not to condone the cheating, I think it proves that you're not as into him as you think you are.

    Do yourself a favor and find another man since he already made up his mind. Best of luck!


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