Give a cheater another chance?

should I give my ex cheating boyfreind another chance? or is it once a cheater always a cheater..hes never not cheated on a girlfriend


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  • I wouldn't forgive a cheater. You shouldn't waste your time with someone whos like that and it probably means there's deeper issues with either the relationship or the guy.

    • He actully cheated on his girlfreind with I know I shouldn't trust him but I like and care about him alot..thats why its so hard and he knows I still do

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    • I know but how do I get over him..i care about him so much he was my first love and I lose my virginty to him

    • Sorry to tell you but the first ones are always the worst and can stick with us for a long long time. I know it did for me. The best thing you can do is give yourself a little time to recover and start dating other guys.

  • He trully doesn't deserve you


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