One week he likes her, another week he's annoyed with her? I don't get it?

So my Boyfriend works with this gal (of course...) and when he first started bringing her up he said he was attracted to her and blah blah blah, and if it wasn't for me being around then they would probably hang out a lot more. A little later he tells me his co-workers (and the girl too I think) pick on him and her about liking one another. Well this blew up into an argument bw us and I told him If I am in the way of you wanting to hang out with this girl then go...Well needless to say he ended up telling me that whatever was going on was a big running joke and even one of the co-workers said the flirting was meaningless, and the girl is a big flirt with everyone. My boyfriend even mentioned that the girl was getting on his nerves because she wouldn't stop flirting (this is something his co-worker blabbed to me). Well here we are weeks later and this sh*t still is coming up, but now in small ways. I am in the middle of really trying hard to trust him and I feel like I can, but with this something is off. All of the sudden he went from semi-liking his co-workers to not liking them. And with this girl it's strange, his friend also RANDOMLY met her at a party and I noticed them in a pic together on my facebook. My boyfriend was like "what that is so weird" and his friend asked him to put in a good word for him. When we talked about the two of them together he said he didn't want them to date because they means he would have to hang out with her more and he didn't want that.

So today when I asked him how the match making went he seemed to avoid the question and now he's very sensitive about the subject. Saying that I will always deep down inside think they have something for one another...when I guess it's true, but I didn't want it to be like that. I don't care if he's friends with females just as long as he's open and honest. Something just doesn't sit well...not that I think he's cheated, but maybe he's not telling me the whole truth. What do you guys think? I can't really talk to him about it anymore because he doesn't communicate well for one and for two he's annoyed I feel like this has gone back and forth and one way and the other and just want others opinions...maybe I am making something out of really nothing who knows. Thanks!


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  • Ok, well first off I would be pretty annoyed if my boyfriend kept talking about liking another girl in front of me, no not annoyed PISSED. Its something you just don't say to your girlfriend yet alone talk about. If she's such a big flirt with everyone then why are his co-workers only making fun of him and her liking each other? I think he's trying to say he's annoyed by her flirting so you won't seem threatened by her or keep asking about it. Also he probably doesn't want to introduce her to his friend because if by some chance they do get together he might be annoyed or jealous by that because he likes her. I say see what happens over the next few days. If it keeps coming up then put your foot down and really tell him how you feel.

    • He said he told the girl about his friend and she didn't seem interested. That he was bugging her about it. And the girl was annoyed by it. When his friend said he was interested in her he was like for real? I don't see it...who really knows. All I know is that they don't hang out and thank god for that. I just really dislike the girls he works with. They're caddy and of the other girls he works with is telling him rumors about something I supposively said to one of my co-workers.

    • It seems like all that work stuff is kind of putting a strain on your relationship and starting a lot of uneccassary drama. I think you need to try to avoid the people that are starting these rumors because if it messes up your relationship between you and your boyfriend then they will get some satisfaction from that. You definitely can't let these people win and by letting them get to your relationship, that's what's happening.

    • I really couldn't agree with you's so pathetic. I think both my boyfriend and I knw the people we work with aren't friends. I think he needed to learn this more than me but those he once thought were cool aren't now. I'm am glad you made a point well made. Thank you

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  • sounds like he is thinking about her in that way. wants to cheat etc...


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