My ex broke up with me for his ex seven states away. Should I try and get him back?

I think she guilt tripped him into coming back because it was really sudden and we were doing great.


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  • She could have gulit him only if he keeps more stronger feeling for her then you. May be its you who think you two were doing great and he may have better and nicer memories for her. Don't try to get him back. If you do success now still there is a good chance that he will keep going back to her and you will be borkenhearted multiple times.

    I think this is the time you concentrate on yourself and move on. I would not suggest looking for osmone else right now becouse the rebound will not work and you will broke somebody;s else heart in the process.

    Better spend more times with girfriends, watching movies or any of your fav. hobbies. don't get into a tug of war. It will take away all your strength.


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  • firslt try to know the reason

    y he left or thot of the same?cn know what to do next

    he may hv other problems you may not know

    get to him

    talk to him

    tell what you wanna do

    and things cn only b solved by communicating


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  • you can't guilt trip someone into doing something they don't want to do. he wanted to be with her. that's the fact