What does it mean when a guy comes back to you a second time?

The story goes like this, It all started with a friend request on Facebook... LOL! True story! Anyhow, we exchanged phone numbers and started texting at the start of the year. He kept texting me every night. He lives interstate, ( I know what you're thinking, its gonna be hard) but he/ we kept going. I went over to meet him, and he was amazing! We went on a date and it was awesome.

I went back home and we kept on texting, then 6 weeks later I had to go back for a family thing and caught up with him again. I stayed the night with him, etc... The next day I went back home and it was normal talking/texting again. Then the next DAY he said it won't work out. I understand interstate relationships will be hard but I think he was willing to do it. I was devo, of course. I was played...

Three weeks later he private fb me, "U been OK hun?" I didn't reply, I wasn't sure that I should... I also removed him from my friends on fb, so he wouldn't be able to see what I was doing, and so I wouldn't see what he was doing. Then only last weekend he 'texts' me, asking how I've been?

I'm not sure I'm getting this at all, I want to text him back so badly but I know he is bad news... What do I do?

Thanks :D


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  • long distance relationship are tough. This is comonly said that women have relationships more for emotional and relatively less on physical intimacy. Men do need emotional connection but they also need strong physical connection to make it work.

    you were having a good emotional connection with regular texting/emailing/fb way but the more he gets involved with you the more he was getting frustrated for that lacking part of intimacy and sex.

    He came back to you may be becouse after breaking up with you first time he realized that he has now lost both emotional and physical connection.

    I think you both need to discuss your scedule and availibility to be physically present to each other. Otheriwise, this relationship will not work in long run.

    • Thanks heaps for the feedback! I have been asking friends about it and they say that he is playing mind games. I don't really need that, no body does. I mean I want to believe in something positive but some 'boys' are like that... Thanks again!

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