My boyfriend of 7 years cheated on me?

So my ex and I met almost seven years ago at school, fell in love quickly then moved in together after only a year. Our relationship has been on and off since then and now I'm stuck in a real messed up predicament. Obviously there's something really strong between us for both of us to keep coming back together after all this time. Since January last year (2009) we've considered ourselves "just friends", however continued to act as if we were still in a relationship, i.e. kissing, cuddling, sleeping together, seeing each other all time, texting, ringing bla bla, you get my drift.

Five months ago we decided to really give it another shot and finally agreed to get back together. Next this I know I'm getting an earful from his workmate (a female) who tells me he was sleeping around with other girls while we were technical "single". The list of girls is quite considerable and it really upsets me even though we weren't "technically" in a relationship. I just wish he had told me about it instead of finding out through a stranger. Last girl he was with, was a few weeks before or after we decided to give it another go.

I'm completely lost as to what I should do. I don't want people to know me as the "idiot girl who took her cheating ex back" but nor do I want to lose him. What should I do!?


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  • Alright first off, who cares what others think?

    Second: If it was before you technically got back together it's alright if it's after I think you oughta have a nice long chat with him about it.

  • You shouldn't judge him based on what other people are telling you..


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