Is she over me? It's been a week and she's acting like I'm non existent.

OK I'm 16 and she is 16 too. we started dating really soon like 10 days after we met in October of 09 and we've been having an on and off relationship. She's the love of my life and the best thing that's ever happened to me. she's had one obsessive ex boyfriend and she cut him out of her life, and blocked him. changed her number and everything. she's very beautiful and I ask myself sometimes how come I got her. I'm good looking also , but I'm kinda insecure about that because she barely told me I was handsome. but she did. the months 1-4 went fine and we were both happy as we could be. but then little fights such as little things would come. She would mess up sometimes and I would be disappointed but then we would makeup and be happy again. We both are Muslim and we can't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. so we both kept this from our parents. The thing is months 7-12 were difficult. we fought allot and we broke up literally every couple weeks at firs then it got down to every couple days then every day basically. then we would get back together and have another break a day later. But now its November 2nd and its been almost a year and one month we've known each other and she's said she's moving on. I have a temper problem and I would call her bad names but then I would say I'm sorry. I didn't treat her as good as other guys would. but since we are Muslim she did things she wasn't supposed to. so I had a right to be mad. but recently like last weekend we fought and she said she needed space. I see a change in her friends too. she's hanging out with the popular group now and doing things she never would have done last year in school.But we stopped talking a week ago and cut communication. she tried emailing me and asking how I am but I didn't reply. but then Saturday a week later I emailed her back and asked whatsup and she said she was going to a holoween party and I said OK well if you do anything with a guy and drink we are done for good. ( she's Muslim she's not supposed to drink ) And the next day I found out she drank Smirnoff so I was in denial that she did even when I said we would be over if she did. And I got a text from my friend telling me she said he was what the hell? is she really over me? she loves me allot. I'm her only boyfriend she's had that's not over the internet and I'm her only boyfriend she's had that she's seen the most. ( her ex used to live 3 hours away and they saw each other only once and she cut him outta her life because he was psycho and controlling) I'm not like him but I still gave her restrictions like not going to a party without me, that's reasonable because I wouldn't want her cheating one me with a guy. But I'm just dumb founded, I tried to talk to her and ask her to meet up and talk about this but she says she doesn't want to see me or talk to me. but I managed to talk to her over skype and left on a good note because I don't want her to get the wrong idea. please help me.

she told me she still loves me and still thinks about me everyday but most of the time she tells me she doesn't want me and tells me to leave her alone. why the sudden change? its probably because of her new group of friends they are all hoes and fags.
im just dissapointed she got caught by peer pressure and now she hangs out with the bad kids in school. and by the way she goes to a different school then mine.


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  • you can't force her to do anything. if she's not willing to meet up, then give her time and space

    • I know I should but she's acting like I'm no one to her and she's socializing with guys again and she's starting to drink which she never likes...only because her group of friends do and she's giving into peer presure.

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  • It's only been a week. That's all I can say. It totally depends on your ex's personality. If she says she wants you to stay away, what does that mean? Just don't do anything else to upset her, and don't be abusive in any way.

    • Im not. last night over skype we webcammed and chatted because that was my only option she was giving me. I knew I had to leave on good terms and I kept asking her for 15 minutes of her time and she kept saying no and she's saying she doesn't want to see me. so she said well you can do the same thing over skype so I did. I looked at her and she looked at me. she was acting like she didn't care to see me but I could see it in her eyes. I left on good terms and said that it was a god decision we made

    • Well, as a girl, seeing that a guy was dieing inside without me, would make me come back. I'm sure she just wants you to feel the pain she feeling. She wants to watch you suffer, so show her that you're sad. And webcam, is a perfect opportunity for that. Don't be too fake. But I mean, don't try too hard to be a man, and just show her how much it's killing you to be without her.

    • I get your drift but I creeped on her facebook from my friends and she's socializing with guys again and talking to them and having fun with her girlfriends and she's doing things she doesn't do like drink. she's caught in peer pressure that's it. is there a way she will think about me when she's having fun without me? like will she still think to get back with me? I'm just clueless. she acts like she hates me. I'm nto sure what to think

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  • Trust me don't waste your time, you are 16 you have plenty of time to find a girl of good moral character. You can never change a person, they have to do that for themselves. If she is no longer living a life you approve of then find somebody that does fit that role, move on and let her make her own mistakes. Don't pine after a girl who has no regard for your feelings or moral code, it will just led you to more anger and depression.

    • But this girl I was madly in love with and I still have feelings for her and she still has feelings for me and we tried and tried like 2 hundred times to start off now but it always was fighting and arguing. but still I have some hope we can start off new and still be happy down the road. THERES ALWAYS HOPE. even when things are dark, there's always hope and change. but she doesn't realize it. she still loves me and cares for me but is putting up a front and telling me she doesn't care. like wtf

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    • But I'm muslim and can't find any other good looking girl in my area. My parents are traditional and do the arranged marriage stuff. by age 20 they want to get me married and I found the girl I like and we did talk about marriage and our life when times were good between us but then we started fighting allot an neveer talked about that's stuff. She's the only girl that's pretty ,. smarty and cute and everything I'm looking for in my area. And I'm the only guy that she likes in our area also.

    • But if you have these constant fights now, they only magnify after you are married. Trust me their are plenty of better arrangements you parents could make, somebody a little more on the timid side who doesn't have the need to rebel.

  • your 16 dude, even if you did get her back it probably wouldn't last to long anyway... at that age a girl can change her mind faster then snapping your fingers. I went throught the same thing twice, once when I was 15 form a 1 year relationship and the other when I was 18 in a 2 year relationship.the best thing you can do is try and let her go, although I know how hard it is and I know you won't accept that answer just yet

  • just move on


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