How to tell him I like him?

There is this guy who is my best friends brother. We dated back in may and I ended up breaking up with him in July because I was depressed and didn't want to bring him lower. I still have feelings for him, and I get the vibe he still likes me too but I'm not 100% sure. What can I say to him to give the best chance of him believing that I am sorry for breaking up and I DO want another chance? (and I'm not just saying it because I'm lonely, I really do like him,this guy is one in a lifetime...)


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  • tell him exactly what you wrote here. Tell him what your reasons were for ending things with him, that you didn't want to effect his life negatively, that you were going through some things and felt like you needed to focus on you and weren't ready for someone to be in your life then, etc. And that you're OK now, that you've sorted through all your issues and that you want him to be in your life.


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