What makes a guy think that a girl will just take him back?!

Or vice versa.

The last few guys I have dated fed me all of that "you're so great" bull, only to turn around and treat me badly (cheated on, ignored, etc.)

I tell any guy I seriously talk to to be honest with me. If we're not working out, just tell me. Don't ignore me or go behind my back. Just come to me and let me know. We can go our separate ways.

But they don't do this. The two guys I'm thinking of in particular: one dumped me over Facebook and the other just stopped talking to me whatsoever (and this was after he gave me the runaround). I was a little hurt at first, but I got over it. That was until they both just decided to reappear out of nowhere and act like nothing happened.

Seriously, I could use some insight as to why this happens.


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  • Some guys are just assholes. They don't care about your feelings, so they will be quit to stomp on them whenever possible. You seem to attract very immature men, so maybe you need to start talking to older guys. I don't know what you're doin why your relationships fail, but sometimes we have to take some of the blame.

    • Firstly, I never denied being partly to blame. I didn't post the entire scenario on here.

      And secondly, I do date older guys.

    • So you're just attracting crappy people then. Maybe you should deal with your own issues before you get back into a relationship.

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