How would you let someone that comes by your work know that you're interested? here's the scenario. There are so many people that stop by at the place I work at..and I would really like to get to know a few of them. How do you do that though when you're working?...Or especially when they're with their families? Hahaha

Thanks :D


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  • Smile and make eye contact, if you have to hand her something try and touch them on the hand, discreetly caress their finger with yours, but don't be creepy. stand tall and be confident.

  • Hmm... That's tough! Maybe ask them questions about themselves that you can kind of relate to their purchases so that it doesn't seem quite so blunt? I guess it depends on where you work... But honestly, when is a friendly employee ever a bad thing? Just don't be inappropriate, obviously... But I'm sure that if you're friendly, they'll want to interact with you again, right? Find ways to sneak in comments about how you're interested in similar things, etc.

    Hope this helps?

    Also, if you get a chance to read my question, any input would be really appreciated!

    Cheers : )


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