Me and my ex broke up a year ago, but he still wants to talk on a daily basis and freaks out if I don't?

Me and my ex had been together for almost 2 years. We were in Highschool, graduated, and then I went to college and he joined the marine corps, I was with him through bootcamp, and then he wanted to break up because of the distance but remain friends. He talked bad about me, told me how awful of a person I was, etc. The next time he was on leave he called me and wanted to meet up and talk, so we did and ended up hanging out all day the next day and actually got back together. He ended up getting stationed overseas, so of course shortly thereafter we broke up again. He proceeded to get drunk a lot and would text me and tell me again how awful I was and tell some of his friends as well (which was a bad idea because we share mutual friends). Then out of the blue he sent me a message over twitter (I had already blocked him on everything else) and apologized. Then he kept messaging me and eventually I added him back on snapchat where he wanted to talk more and discussed getting back together. I told him no, and he still talks to me a lot. He tells me everything about his life, way more than I would care to know sometimes. I recently became very sick and was hospitalized, and did not have access to my phone for a couple of days, and he sent me messages asking if I was alive and if I was ok. I had also left the country for a few days and once I turned my phone on he had told me how much he missed talking too me, like a lot. Any guy that I associate with he always tells them to "take care of me because I am special", even if the guy is just a friend. He now tells me about all his failed attempts at trying to get a girlfriend, and even asks for my advice. I feel like he's just talking to me in the hopes that I won't find someone else and once he's back in the states something could happen again. Should I just be his friend or should I just stop talking to him? Thanks in advance!
Me and my ex broke up a year ago, but he still wants to talk on a daily basis and freaks out if I don't?
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