I can't get over this girl?

So, this is sort of an odd scenario, but I'm keeping details limited for a reason.

Me and this girl we're hanging out for a few months. At the time she was with someone. I was told this individual was mistreating her, both physically and emotionally, and I was trying to get them to break up, not so much for myself but for her sake. As fate would have it, month before it all went down hill, they broke up. We started getting closer, but never really got past cuddling (no kissing or anything more). She had a lot of problems, depression, anxiety, she told a lot of little white lies, but it seemed like I was helping her. But one day she came back from work and told me that her ex was threatening me, and as far as I was aware her ex owned some kind of firearm. Of course, freaked out, I went to the cops, went home from college (this happened 1 week before spring break) etc.

A few days later, her ex contacted me and my mother. Turns out she never threatened me, didn't own any kind of weapon, and to top it all off they never broke up. We had text messages and photos to prove all of this.

I told here we were "done" (however you would put it in this scenario) and she tried to kill herself over it.

I still feel bad. Every time I see her I keep wanting to know if she's alright. I honestly should hate her but I know she can't help the way that she is, or at least she's not trying to. I feel like an idiot. I know that it's the right thing to do to cut her out of my life, but I keep thinking about her. When I don't see her in her usual places, I panic and think that she's probably in her room, too depressed to get up. I used to be able to get her out of bed on days like that.

I don't know what to feel :( I know that the answer is "Just forget about her", but it's easier said than done...
I can't get over this girl?
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