Is he gone for good or just for now. Please help interpret this message?

I’ve been involved with this guy for 16 months. It’s complicated and I can’t get into details. Sometimes things are amazing and then he pulls away. He has reasons. We went through a period of time about 3 weeks ago where he said we could only be friends... spent a few hours talking and crying and saying goodbye to our intimate relationship. But even at the end of that conversation he said he’d probably be back. i see him weekly in a medical setting. Every week he has been flirting more and more. Last Friday he grabbed me and kissed me and said he can’t stay away. He even asked me if it was ok that he say that because he knew this must feel like a mindf@ck. That led to a very sexual conversation that night and plans to reunite this week. And then he bailed late the night before. Said he needed more time as friends... like somehow that was in doubt. When we are together it’s pure happiness. I lost it and sent him messages about how he could f@ck with my head and my heart like that. Very angry hurt messages. Im sure it angered him. And when he’s angry he shuts down. I can’t tell you how it hurts to go through this. We’re not just sex. He even came to my daughters track meet last week with his kids who i hadn't met. Clearly he cares about me. He told me 2 weeks ago he still does and that he loves me. He told me i was the first woman he ever made love to including his ex wife. But this was his last message to me. I don’t know if it’s just goodbye for now. Or forever. That was two days ago. Please... any opinions? I’m dying.

“I need some time before I’m ready to talk. I will reach out in the near future. I don’t know when. Maybe tonight. Maybe this weekend. I don’t know.
I will tell you this before I go. What I meant by more Sarah and Ryan time was I wanted more friend time. More fun smiles and flirty time. I’m not ready to come to your house, even as friends I’ll do something I’m not ready for and that would be worse for you and I.
Goodbye Sarah”
Is he gone for good or just for now. Please help interpret this message?
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