Moving on from something that never really was?

I met a guy on tinder about 6 weeks ago. It was short lived.. 2 days.. But I developed feelings extremely fast. assumed it was just infatuation so I let it be.

After the 2nd day he told me that the hour drive was too much for him., even though I had been the one driving at the time.

We barely talked for the next few weeks. After the 3rd week I asked him if he even wanted me to keep messaging him. He told me he had met someone else closer to him.

It's been over 3 weeks since then, almost a month now I think. I have had sex with someone else. Tried meeting other guys. But literally every time I think of someone I think of him. Like I'm trying to move on from losing someone I cared about for a long time.

I haven't messaged him but I still think of him every day. Whenever I try to like someone else. It's nearly impossible.

How the fuck do I move on. Like I don't even understand why I still care after over a month of not talking or barely talking to him? I don't get it - I only met him twice. Literally makes 0 sense.
Moving on from something that never really was?
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