Hints or tips when seeing someone ??

well, I am seeing this one guy that lives an hour away from me. and we do manage to see each other even though we both don't drive. this is my first time seeing someone in general.. I'm pretty new to this haha. so I just need some good hints or tips on what you should avoid doing or what to do. I don't want to move to fast and seem easy. thanks :)


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  • Avoid long distance relationships.

    Meaning more than 20 minutes away with reasonable transportation.

    • Hahah once again ... life saver. I try too... but I just like him so much but you're totally right I know that long distance relationship hardly ever work out.

    • I know, my words are as useful as a boyscout handbook on fire. But honestly, try to keep conversations going as interesting as possible. Keep HIM interested I suppose. Though I wouldn't get your hopes up too much for this, sorry to say. I'd suggest finding someone closer still.

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