Who won this battle?

Some guy said he played me. I don't think so.

I'm a good girl and grew up homeschooled. I guess his bad side interested me. During the summer we hung out a ton. I used to say I wanted to drink and smoke weed with him but never did. I also was a sexual tease because of hormones, but I never had sex, masturbated or even kissed a guy.

Basically he hurt my feelings and liked hotter girls whod be more sexual with him. He's 19, dropped out of uni, travels , does drugs, etc.

I slowly came to my senses and stopped caring. His ex girlfriend thougyt she was better than me because she's blonde, blue eyed, a model and a recent saint.

I ended u graduating a year ahead of time to be a freshman like him. My hormones calmed down, I didn't care anymore and I feel amazing. I'm almost 19, a virgin, never masturbated, smart, etc. Fuck him. I'll be every guys dream wife when I hit 30. For now I'll travel, learn and keep living.
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Who won this battle?
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