Will he come back, should I be upset? Ex partying same day we broke up?

I had been dating my now ex for 8 months& had been official for 2 of those months. A couple months into the relationship we started having problems, he had a lot of stress between family issues & work issues & he ended up breaking things off, this only lasted a week & he came back.

Fast forward to now, things were going amazing, we become official & we’re happy. He signed up for some classes to better his education , his class is very hard & he was beginning to fail. To add to this, he is unhappy at his current job & now has the same family issues arising. Things started going south when he started this new class, he become distant and seemed out of it. I noticed it for a couple weeks and would ask what was wong, he’d say nothing. He doesn’t talk about or show emotions.

Well today, i asked to talk , i couldn’t take th distance anymore. He informed me that he “couldn’t do it right now” , he said since I had lost my job (two months ago) i’d become needy ( i can admit this) & that he didn’t feel like he could give me what i deserved. He said that he had so much stress in his life & didn’t want to drag me down with him. He said he cares for me but can’t buy me nice gifts like i buy him, & didn’t have the time to take me in proper dates between his schedule with working all week and school on weekends. He told me he cared for me & would be here for me, he offered a “break” instead but I declined, what’s the difference between that & a breakup?

My feelings are hurt, i can handle helping him though this rough time but he won’t let me. Funny enough when he left after the break up i found out i landed a new job. Bye bye needyness. My upset comes from this though, the SAME NIGHT he broke up wit me, he snapchatted himself drunk at a club. Should I be mad? He specifically asked me not to get drunk or do anything “reckless” yet did exactly that the same day. Also, I have a lot of his things& he has mine, yet he said we didn’t need to exchange them so quickly.
Will he come back, should I be upset? Ex partying same day we broke up?
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