How do I let this guy know I like him, without being too obvious?

There is still guy in a group for a project at school, and I think he is pretty cute. First time I saw him I thought he was someone I knew from a previous school or another party I went to, but turns out it was not. And he caught me looking at him twice. Then he went to talk to his friend who was sitting beside me, and he kept walking back and forth and looking at me a bit. Now every time I see him I feel like he's looking at me, at least once or twice and once when I went to get something from this table, and he was there and stood and starred at me most of the time while talking to his friends. I was looking down or the other way, trying not to look at him at all. Does he like me, should I go for it, I don't want to look too obvious or stupid if he is not feeling it. Any subtle ways of letting him know I like him?


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  • I think the best way to approach that situation is to literally just walk up to him and say "hi, I'm (whatever your name is)". If he is interested then he will talk to you. If he isn't interested in you it should and most likely will be clearly obvious. Not paying attention to you, ignoring you to talk to his friends, etc. If he is interested, he'll talk to you.

    If you are uncomfortable approaching him with his friends around, try to catch him when he is walking around or something.

    Most guys when they are confronted right up front by a girl won't be an outright douche to any girl that walks up to him. If he is, he's not worth the time anyway. You will just have to try and pick up on how you think things are going.

    • What if he has like blank stare when I talk to him?

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  • BE OBVIOUS! I'm a guy and nothing is more annoying to me than trying to guess wether or not a girl I'm into is feeling me the same way. Such a pain in the ass!

    • What if he doesn't feel the same way, and then I have to look an idiot for the rest of the time.

    • Well get to know him a little better THEN be obvious lol.Any good relationships always start with friendship.

  • why can't you be obvious


    • What if he doesn't feel the same way, and then I have to look an idiot for the rest of the time.

      and how can I be obvious w.o. coming on too strong anyways?

    • Everything has risk sweety, how do you think guys feel when they approach and get rejected, but think of it this way, you have nothing to lose, and your will realize he wasn't worth it if he says no and they will be other guys who want you.. do you want to regret it

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