Would saying something get her to respond?

During my freshman year in highschool, I met this stunning and amazing woman. But her best friend disliked me because I didn't fit into their crowd. Some reason or another, she just stopped talking to me, and she knew I liked her but because of my parents, o had no cell phone and we really weren't able to hang out.
Through the rest of our time in highschool, every opportunity she could, she would hang around me during lunch, follow me or be waiting at my classes, and would even hang out at my work to have me assist her. Despite my efforts, she didn't want to date, and insisted she didn't like me.
Once we graduated we never saw each other, to my knowledge, since.
But her best friend works at the grocery store near my house, and for the last two years, she's been incredibly rude to me when she sees me and even would follow me around. But for the last few months she's been super friendly to me and everything. It was a sudden change...
Recently, I discovered why she stopped talking, her best friend said I was stalking a girl and a bunch of other stuff. The person I supposedly stalked was in fact just my step sister...
I sent a message to her on Instagram, apologizing for the circumstances in our freshman year, and for how I went about resolving things. I addressed that stalking and explained it. She never responded.
Since then, when I go to the store, the best friend is ruder than ever. One time, I was just like, "man, you look so familiar, where do I know you from?' and she would just say we went to high school together.

Could I try something to get more information on what happened?

Like be like, 'ah! I know where I know you from! You're (name's) best friend! Hey tell her hi for me. I hope she's doing well.'
Any suggestions? Despite how long it's. Been, I still care and have feelings for her.
Would saying something get her to respond?
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