Why did my cheating ex call me? why can’t he let me move on?

He makes it clear every time we talk that i am a hateful and horrible person because i haven’t gotten over the cheating and i am outraged. So, i told him I’d be going my own way and i was done talking to him forever. If i decided i wanted him in my life, i told him I’d reach out. So, 3 weeks go by and I’m starting to move on (mind you it’s been about 3 months since i found out he cheated and we broke up), and i met someone else and i like him a lot.

I had my ex blocked for those 3 week. Then the day i said to myself “he’s not coming back. I can move on”, he tries to call me. I missed the call. I ask why he called and tell him if it’s to play games to leave me alone.

He tells me he only called to see if i blocked him or not (i feel he said that because i mentioned i was dating someone else). Then when i told him there was no need to do that, and that he’s already put me though enough pain, he starts making it out like I’m a joke. He texts me back “lol, ok. no more messages. Goodbye”. He’s so ridiculous. I don’t get why he needs to call and plant seeds when I’m trying to move on and he showed me several times by cheating and how he handled it when i found out that he doesn’t truly want me 100%.
Why did my cheating ex call me? why can’t he let me move on?
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