Ex girlfriend trying to make me jealous?

My girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago now and it was very abrupt I didn't take it well and did all the wrong things at first. Since then I did accept the break up and saw things I had done to push her away. We decided to remain friends but this past weekend things got weird. We had been talking all week she would call me and tell me about things she was doing with work and school and friends. Over the weekend she called me and texted me drunk to pick her up and take her home I was sleeping so I couldn't answer. When I finally did she had said things accusing me of sleeping with someone and saying things like "you lost your chance" when she was the one that told me we'd never be together. The next day she texted me again accusing me of sleeping with no one in particular after I eased her she told me she had been talking to and seeing someone but she wanted to see me for lunch and "we need to talk". I told her I couldn't and didn't hear from her till the next day. That day I asked her if she still wanted that lunch and she preceded to tell me she is currently sleeping with someone and I should leave her alone I got a little mad and she kept saying pretty hurtful things about liking someone else a lot and not loving me. Also things like he's so nice and makes me happy and has been through a lot. I was shell shocked by all of this. The next day we were at a party together we didn't really talk and things were pretty awkward I didn't have much nice to say to her so I kept my mouth shut. The next day she texted me asking why I didn't say anything to her and I said I was still hurt from what she said. She preceded to tell me that he was there at the party and was p*ssed because I kept looking at her and just a bunch of crap to make me mad. I don't understand why she is doing this wanting to be friends then making me jealous. I do still love her and want to get back with her and I feel like she does still love me but is finding something in this new guy. I don't text or call her and it's been 2 days since we last talked I'm trying to move on and forget about her. What can I do to get her back? And why would she say such hurtful things to me after wanting to be friends? I know it sounds like I'm a chump but I can and will move on if I have to but me and this girl were best friends when we were together and I feel like she is the person I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. Oh and according to her she met this guy after we were broken up but I think it was while we were still on the "I need a break stage" I don't know if it matters but this guy definitely fits the classic rebound profile but the way she talks about him makes it seem like he's been the one in the year relationship not me.

Please help! Any feedback would be great


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  • Think she still wants you if she's making the effort to make you jealous, hurt you etc. I think she's expecting a big speech, basically the "I know I did wrong, but I've learned from the mistakes and they won't happen again, you mean the world to me blahblahblah..."


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