How common is cheating, and why?

So I hear a lot about how some girl or guy has cheated on their significant other for some stupid reason and are a complete jerk. I am getting kind of tired of it, because it's always the same story, and no one seems to know why people cheat or how someone could justify cheating on them.

So I thought I'd try and make sense of it by asking you guys to give your vote and opinion. Do you think cheating is common, and why is this the case?
Have you ever cheated? If so, why did you?

Thank you for helping get to the bottom of this confusing topic.
Cheating is common, and I have cheated.
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Cheating is common, but I have not cheated.
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Cheating is not common, but I have cheated.
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Cheating is not common, and I have not cheated.
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How common is cheating, and why?
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