Do I have a right to be mad? How do I make things right?

My ex was the kind of guy who thought relationships were useless and always

preferred one night stands. He was famous for being the guy who got all the girls

he wanted. He never played with girl's feelings, he just went up to them and asked for sex.

It usually worked for him.

For some reason he wanted something serious with me. He said he wanted to wait for sex and he

took me out to great places. He gave me a key to his place and payed for everything I needed.

I left to another country briefly after we started seeing each other and we stayed in contact.

Well, he kept on talking to me as often as he could and I never asked him for news. He didn't

go out with anyone else and slept with a few girls. I dated other guys. We were not together anymore because

distance is not something we can deal with.

I came back after 5 months and saw him at a party and he told me all this crap about how he had missed me,

and that he wanted me to stay for a few days.

I tried to get him to tell me why he liked to sleep with girls and he told me that if I had a problem

with that I never should have left.

It was like we had never left each other.

I left the next day and during vacation he barely gave any news. We were not together anymore or anything but

I was hoping he would contact me at least a little.

I came back now and see him everyday, he started dating another girl. She's quite unattractive yet he says

he's dating her because she's smart. Every time we see each other he stares at me. When we talk,

he smiles a lot. He started speaking to me again, but he doesn't seem to want to tell me why he's dating

that girl.

I feel angry. Like I was used. Why did he start dating this girl after all this time when he knew her from before?

Why is he still talking to me?

I met his worst enemy, who happens to me a good friend of a friend. He said my ex had told him that if he(the worst

enemy) approached my ex's girlfriend or one of his exes, he would kill him.

I'm thinking I should mingle with the enemy.

Any opinions? what can I do?


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  • Hey,

    This guy is going out with someone else right now. As such, I would advise you to go out with someone else or do whatever you want to do i.e. move on.

    If this guy gets back on the market, fine, maybe you guys will get back together - but right now he is unavailable.

    I wouldn't befriend his worst enemy. I don't see that leading to anything constructive.

    Also: you might want to write shorter questions in the future, most people aren't going to spend the time to read the whole thing. I did - because I'm good like that :)

    - Evan
    Just being friends after a break up? -> link


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