Should I just move on?

This guy told my friend he liked me about a month ago, and I can't act cool around him- he hasn't asked me out and has been getting closer to his neighbor(who is really pretty) who has a boyfriend- but the girl is really cool so I can see why he'd like her.

Anyway, I tried to get close to him again and asked him if he wanted to hang out with a group of us as friends but he was all "I'm going to my lake house" which is the same excuse he used to say that he couldn't hang out with me when he asked me out.

I wonder if he's lying I mean its November...

He hasn't tried to ask me out again- should I just move on?


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  • Maybe he's just intimidated by the idea of going on a date? Sorry I don't know what you should do.

    • Okay so I saw him today and he actually came up to me this time and was really friendly but also talked to this other girl who has a boyfriend, and told me he's wrestling on saturday- so he might have been lying about the lake house?... I don't know he is so weird!

    • Yeah that is weird. idk. do you really like him? if you just kinda like him move on. if you really like him maybe just hang out in school alone and see how it goes.

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