Does it have to mean something if an ex wants to see you?

Hey, so I'm a girl and my ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago. There was a lot of anger at first, mostly from my side. A couple of days later, though, we let it go. Everything was fine until I drunk-texted him, saying I need to see him, I want the closure, really desperate and needy stuff. The next morning, I tried to do some major damage control by acting cool...I told him not to worry about that, I just got emotional because I was drinking with my friends, and I'll see him when I see him.

However, to my surprise, he responded saying that he DOES want to see me, saying it'd be good for the both of us. I was acting real cool (or trying to, I should say) and making it be a meeting on my terms (he'll have to drive 20 minutes to my side of town and deal with unbearable parking). I almost thought he'd back out but instead he said "that'd be great." I continued to act cool and told him my week's particularly hectic this week but things should slow down for me on tuesday. He hasn't answered but my guess is he'll contact me then, who knows. I think he's trying to act cool as well a bit ;) haha

I should add that he is already also seeing someone, but I'm almost positive it's just a meaningless rebound thing...he's seeing an ex of his who didn't mean anything to him and doesn't have a whole lot of substance, she's just a pair of nice boobs. Fake ones, might I add...

Anyway, do you think him wanting to see me is definitely a sign of some missing me on his part, or can it be completely innocent?


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  • I'm being honest when I say that he wants s*x.

    • Even though he's already getting it any time he wants from that other girl? Anyway, I'm definitely not even kissing him during this meeting, hah.

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    • It really doesn't matter. If you think this is an innocent meeting, then go ahead and go met up with him. But I'm telling you now, that it won't help you move on. Hope for the best all you want but truth of the matter is, if you know for a FACT that he is sleeping with someone else, why do you want to met up with him? What will it do for you? "it's just a rebound" does that mean you are willing to forgive him? This will only set you back so whether or not you wanna move on is up to you.

    • To add to this, you two have been broken up for two weeks and he already had someone lined up. Think about that.

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  • he misses u.

    My guy and i, in the 3 years we've been together, have had a few of these situations and abviously we always got back together, well depending on how long you've been together. If you both really love each other you won't be in the room alone with him for an hour and he'll be apologizing and telling you how he couldn't sleep without you next to him(:

    • I hope you're right but I also don't want to be disappointed if it turns out not to be the case...I guess we will see! And we were together 8 months...

  • No

  • First, I get that you are excited that he wants to see you. Second, do not over think. I have been in that situation and the last thing you need is disappointment. No one knows exactly what is on his mind not what he wants. My advice is to not over think and over dream here. I hate when they crush you even more. I would not play hard to get either, because your feelings are already involved. Do not risk them even more. Best luck to you!

    • Yeah that has definitely entered my mind, that I have to keep a level head because I might end up severely disappointed. That's why me trying to act cool is not so much about playing hard to get, but about keeping to MY schedule, so that if it turns out he doesn't miss me, I didn't just go out of my way to see him...that would just cause me to lose my dignity, you know? So yeah, definitely get what you're saying!

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