Girls, What was the meaning of this?

As its coming close towars the end if tge academic year, i havnt asked this girl out and we may potentially never see each other again. However I was in meeting and sat oppisite and she looked really upset. Or down trodden per say. At the end she went to grab a drink and was looking down on her own. When I looked at her she tried her hardest not to smile to herself. Then i started to smile and she couldn't stop and slowly looked at me. And we locked eyes smiling wide at each other. But didn't say anything. She introverted and shy girl.

all started 4 months ago. We was showing each other a lot of interest. For example always glancing, talking about me and wearing more make up etc. Sneaking glances but she was nervous and try to smile but look away quickly. It all stopped after she caught me talking to other girls. So I had to approach.

It was clear she introverted and shy. The usual flirting signs a shy girl gives was ever present. I made it regular to sit and have lunch but she would act hot and cold. It was uncertain as to whether it's because I hadn't asked her out. So I gave her compliments to confirm I am interested. Which after I left sge stop being quiet and staring at me loads.

The week after, she wearing loads of make up again and I stopped having lunch with her and her friends. She was unhappy and they kept staring. She looked at me sadly and blushed and looked down. I found out she has boyfriend but dudnt tell me.

I dis appeared 5 weeks. When I came back in wasn't going to say hi or approach anymore. She never says hi but maybe coz she's shy. But in class she stared at the ground, whenever I look sge sensituve and upset and can't look back. Fir weeks after sge goes quiet whenever I walk in. So I ask her how she was but it was awkward.

After I talk to her or do something to show I like her she gets happy
Girls, What was the meaning of this?
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