Will he ever regret what he did with her?

It all came out very recently that my boyfriend of 3 years had cheated on me during the first year of our relationship with a girl he claimed he was 'just friends' with. She was also his work colleague. I never liked the way she was too close to him, however I was made to feel paranoid and crazy. We had a very small break from each other earlier this year as we had gotten into an argument and I was unsure whether I was going to make him happy in the long-run. However, we discussed our differences and decided to start from scratch. A couple weeks later, his friend messaged me and sent me the evidence of what had gone on a couple years back. At first he was in denial, claiming she was a psycho who was trying to break us up, and how he would never do anything like that to me because he loves me. I sent him the evidence. And all he really did was say that he did love me, and how he was sorry for everything. He said I was perfect for him, and that I deserve a lot better than that. He then blocked me off social media. His friends and family have kept me though. One family member reached out and wanted me to know that he's lost someone very special and how she is sending lots of love my way. I always say, once a cheat, always a cheat. His friend told me that he had blocked her too, and that she was very sorry about what had happened, as she was led to believe we had broken up at that time.
I just hope that there is some emotion in him to regret and feel guilty for his actions. We were planning a future together, we were planning to move in together and start a family. I thought we were both in love.
Do cheaters ever regret what they have done? It kills me to think that I'm the only one suffering.
Will he ever regret what he did with her?
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