Ex boyfriend keeps texting me? What do I do?

My boyfriend of about four months broke up with me last Thursday. He broke up with me because he forgot to text me after he called to tell me he was canceling plans with me to watch a basketball game. He said that if he could forget to text me than his feelings for me weren't worth my time. He told me he didn't think about me at all that night and that he was a horrible boyfriend. He also said he just wanted to be with his buddies and not worry about a girlfriend. I accepted this after I asked to talk about it one last time on Saturday. After that, I didn't text him or attempt any communication with him. Well, on Monday morning around 1 a.m. he texted me to ask me how my day was and ever since then he's been texting me. Not long texts but random little texts to see what I'm doing or to ask me questions.

Is he just being nice because he feels sorry for breaking up with me? or could it be that he misses me? I miss him so much and I want him back. Should I even reply back to his texts?


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What Guys Said 1

  • His maturity sounds lacking... He broke up with you because he got engrossed in a basketball game and had a good time with friends?! His decision to leave you because you temporarily slipped his mind seems odd. Was their any thoughts about a break up before this? Personally I would be wary to try and give this person another chance, if they go relationship critical over something like that, how will they deal with a true problem? Found somebody that doesn't have such insecurity issues, and can have a fun time with friends without worrying over imaginary transgressions...


What Girls Said 1

  • I think that he probably is trying to open the channels of communication again to possibly try to get you back or he could be texting trying to restablish the benefits of having you w/o the committment. Its hard to say. I just broke up with my boyfriend last week and I just sent him a text because I miss him and I want him back. I broke up with him last week and now I realize that it is a mistake. Hopefully he misses me and wants me back. If you want him back I would text him back and see how he plays it.


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