How do cheaters feel when you move on?

I found out my boyfriend (now ex) of 1.5 years had been cheating on me. I found out about 3 months ago. I decided about a month ago that it is time to move on, and so, I’ve been doing that. I met someone new, and he makes me really happy. I haven’t contacted my ex in over a month, and told myself a few days ago “he isn’t Coming back, i can move on”. But, that same day - of course, i get a call from my ex. I missed the call. I asked why he called, i told him to stop playing games and to leave me alone because i found someone new who makes me happy and treats me right.

My ex then replied sayin “i called just to see if you had my blocked. That was it. Sorry to bother you. Take care”

I then told him “there’s no reason to call me. Leave me alone. I won’t let you take advantage of my heart anymore” and then he made me out to be a joke, like i was being ridiculous and over-dramatic. I then blocked him

But, how does it feel for a cheater when their ex moves on/finds someone new, and wants nothing to do with them?

I am done with his games, and it makes me mad he called me, especially after all he has done! He also mentioned “I’m ny tryna get back together or anything like that”. But, why else is he calling? To plant seeds and keep me on the side like he did with all his other side-chicks? Pathetic!
How do cheaters feel when you move on?
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