Dumped boyfriend, want him back? Best way to contact? Get him back?

I broke up with my boyfriend via facebook by email about a week ago. I regret it and realize that I made an impulsive decision. I would like him back but he is not speaking to me currently. I called once on Monday and he didn't answer. Should I call again? Send an email? Send a text? Or do nothing at all and see if he gets back in contact with me. My concern about doing nothing is that my last statement to him was I want to be friends, he says he does not want to be friends and I don't want him to think I'm contacting him trying to force a friendship on him. I'm contacting him because I miss him and think I made a mistake. Just don't want to stalk him or crowd his space but I don't want too long to pass without him knowing I want him back if he wants to be back.


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  • Their must have been a reason for the initial break, and experience leads itself that ones first instincts are generally true. I would wait for your feelings of need to subside and then think about why you broke up in the first place, and what is the real reason you want him back? A week is a short time to get over something like that and many guys do not want to be friends with their ex's because of the emotional toll. In the future tr breaking up in person it helps with closure and shows you respect them. Breaking up over facebook or email is faceless and doesn't allow for a conversation. If you think you made a mistake ask to talk in a public place so he might feel more comfortable. If he wants to move on let him, if his feelings for you have died so quickly then maybe this break up was the thing you both needed.


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  • a verry similar thing just happned to me, I dumped my ex on impluse wile on here. Really bad and I din't know it was hi b day. I know that was a sh*ty move. But I now want him back I relized I do love him. A month after the break up he contacted me and it wasn't all too plesent. If I could re do it I would call him now! and talk it over with him. Don't make the same mistake I did and wait for him to call. Cause it just blew up when I told him I had wanted to call him and he was all p*ssed saying why didn't i. I you need more advice I can tell you my mistake more. and maby you can do somenthing that would of worked if I tried

    • I did reach out to him and call him and we were able to talk through our issues. We got back together and things have been better than ever. Hopefully the momentum will keep up. Thanks for the advice.

    • good I'm really happy 4 u

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