I need to get closure. What should I do with him?

I feel neglected by the guy I am talking to. He only contacts me a couple times a week and it seems like he is always with his guy friends and sometimes hitting on ugly girls with them.

I would usually leave a guy like this but the thing is that we really do have a connection which is pretty rare.

We have mutual friends and his guy friends always tell me how amazing I am and that I am so cool but then the guy I like who they know I am seeing isn't communicating with me.

He might be guarded, not looking for a relationship (although he told me from the get-go he wanted one), intimidated, not sure where I stand or confused.

Either way I need to get closure for myself because this is making me crazy but I also want to find out where I stand with him. What should I do?


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  • Tell Him Straight up... ASk him If your His Girlfriend or just another othergirls. WTF? if he considers you his GF, then Let him be a Man and show some Respect and Attention, if your another girl that he just wants to tap, then you should respect yourself. Its an endless Ocean. and Some girls jus like to be Treated like that. I donno what type of girl you consider yourself. but if your lookin for a BF, then he might just be playin u.

  • The best thing to do is be blatent and out right ask him, in person prefferably. It sounds like (from my experience) he's probably tryin to run a bit of game or is just a plain knob.

    What kind of connection do you guys have?

    Because if it was a fully valued connection he wouldn't be hitting on other girls, I'm not doubting your connection at all I'm just askin for clarity

    But yeah, try not contacting him so much, if a guy notices a girl is not as interested in him as before he will soon come chasing, that is human nature. So try keeping your distance and do your own thing and soon he'll come back and when he does you can be the one calling the shots, ask him where you guys stand and go from there.

    • We laugh all the time together, have the same mindset when it comes to a lot of things. sorry it's kinda indescribable and there is such a strong spark.

      One thing that I did leave out is that I have been dating other guys still and flirting with other guys too. I wouldn't do that if I was clear on where I stand with him but he is very ambiguous. His guy friends know I have been flirting and hanging out with other guys. So maybe he can possibly think I am not interested and keeping his distance

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