So I'm over it, should I call?

It's been about 5 months since my ex and I broke up. We were together for 3 years, he had anger management issues, I went to college out of state, he was so paranoid he thought I cheated on him when all I do is study alone in my room lol. He didn't have the balls to break up with me, so I left him.

Anyways, I've moved on I have a new boyfriend who is fantastic, I'm doing great in school, but I'm worried about my ex. I know he has trouble letting things go, but I know that when I get home I'll run into him... so if he's still upset he's going to make a scene.

Should I reach out to him and talk to him? I'm genuinely worried for his well being, I want to know that he's getting over it just as well as I am. I still care for him, I guess (not enough to actually be friends with him again, but I still care!)


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  • NO! A thousand times NO! If he has anger and paranoia issues the last thing you want to do is contact him. Chances are he will read into it, he may believe that by talking to him you still have feelings for him. I would recommend not telling everybody when you are coming home and always go out with friends. Also invest in mace you can never be too careful with crazies!

  • NO ! Always remember that you got a new guy now who you said is fantastic. He may not like you to contact your ex. after 5 months out of nowhere. for the sake of your new relationship and in respect of your new boy friend don't do this and spoil your current relationship. Your ex should be doing fine and let him manage his own life without you.


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