What was your worst break up exp?

Most people have gone through text message break ups, but who here has a story that will leave us going WOW?


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  • Well, none of my breakups have been toooo horrible.. yet, but I'll share my worst one.

    I was texting my boyfriend, and this is how our conversation was, pretty much:

    'I love you so much baby. I won't ever leave you' 'I wish I could be with you right now. I love you:)' and stuff like that. Then, randomly, out of the blue, he texted me saying 'I think we're better off being single because we haven't seen each other in 3 days. this isn't going to work.'

    We had been dating for a little over a year and I haven't talked to him since the day he broke up with me. I still don't understand what happened. He broke my heart.

    Guys are dumb. I'll be a cat lady for the rest of my life, thank you very much :D

    • Not all guys are dumb! Cat's are pretty awesome though XD

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  • Okayy...I was in high school & was dating a guy for about two years, when I found out he cheated on me for anal sex.

    I confronted him & he shoved me onto the floor (basement). He told me I made him miserable because I wouldn't give him what he wanted & I drove him to drink & do drugs when I got grounded...

    After I got off the floor, I pushed him up against the wall (btw, we were engaged, haha) and grabbed the skin on his ribs (which ended up giving him a blood blister the size of a football almost) and threw him to the floor, telling him I had done everything I could think of to be the best girlfriend for him...(& I really did). I left him on the floor, ran up the stairs and left...hysterical.

    A few nights later, we officially broke up & I realized I was truly done...So, I started hanging around one of my guy friends (since I had had to give them all up when I started dating the freak). After a couple weeks, we started dating & this really p*ssed off my crazy ex...so he came over to my parents' house unannounced & spilled out every secret...every detail...everything he knew to my parents! My parents were no longer mad at him...but disgusted by me-as I had lost my virginity without telling them. When he was leaving, he told me I better watch my back & stay away from my boyfriend because he would shoot us both because his mom had a pistol underneath her bed.

    The next day, I went to the school...told the police officer there what had happened & got a restraining order on the psycho. . .he stalked me continually & eventually, they suspended him & he never got to walk at graduation with his class...he's a loser-no college or anything now.

    Did that make you say wow? probably not...but it was awful.

  • My ex fiancĂ©e cheated on me and abused me (mentally and physically) for three years, and I eventually snapped. He tried to slam a car door in my face and I ripped it open and beat the living sh*t out of him. It probably wasn't the best thing that I could have done, but f*** he had it coming and it made me feel so much better. I asked him after that if he still loved me and he said yes and I slapped him across the face and said "Well I don't f***ing love you anymore!" and that was the end of it.

    • YES! girl power :)

    • ahahaha that's wassup!

      I tell my sister to dump tha douchebag party pooper that she plans to marry because she can't live w.o him, and only if she could do that and move on.

    • Yes I love It! that is wats up..That is horrible that you put up with him all that time but hey I understand why you did. Don't need to explain to me I've witnessed nothing but abusive relationships.

  • Haha.. I have a funny one... so this boy was the same age as me... great body..lol... Anyway... he was a football player... we dated for 4 months... Than he started acting... girly... he got clingy and OMG emotional... So one night I walked into my room to find him standing in front of me naked...and when told him that I wasn't going to have sex with him... he started pouting... and asked y... I said, cause your gay... he was like... How did you know?... omg it was awful!

  • I went to visit my sister for a couple of weeks and so we would talk every single day on the phone. He kept saying how excited he was for me to come back (we were living together) and that we should start looking for engagement rings when I was back home. Well the night I got home he broke up with me, simply saying that he needed a break. We ended up sleeping together and the next morning I packed up all of my stuff and moved in to my mom's. A few days later I learned that the day after he told me we should pick out an engagement ring he cheated on me with the girl that he had reassured me MANY times was "like a sister" to him. Super, yeah? The girl he cheated on me with then tried adding me on MySpace (this was a couple years ago) and Facebook and would message me asking me why I kept rejecting her. Might I also mention that I had never met her in person? Well soon after I learned that he had left me for her. But wait, it gets better. He gave me HPV. I had been tested through out our relationship and the tests always came back clean. After he cheated on me though, I found out I got an STI from him and that little skank. Still, it get's better. The girl he left me for started coming into my work and harassing me, calling me from his phone to rub it in that she was with him instead of me and randomly showing up at places I was at just to harass me. When I asked him to please talk to her about leaving me alone he said that I should stop being so bitchy about it and make friends with her. What? For a full year after we broke up she continued to try to add me on Facebook. My ex would also text me really nasty, mean things randomly, and then two minutes later ask how my day was. A little bi polar. ALSO, that boyfriend had a daughter who I was raising while he went and played video games, watched TV, went out to the bars, etc. I potty trained his daughter, taught her how to spell her name, taught her her numbers, the alphabet.. the list goes on. She was like a daughter to me and he took her away. That's the condensed version.

    • That's TERRIBLE! I can't believe people are like that, sometimes it's just like, do you KNOW what a relationship means? I'm so sorry for you. People like that should go give each other STIs not to honest people who raise other people's children for them.

    • Terrible, yes. But I became a much stronger person because of it and now I'm living the life I want to live. As much as I loved his daughter (and still do!) I was only 19 at the time! Much too young to be a step mom!

  • this is how I broke up with him< I mad the biggest mistake of my life when I did.

    so we were going out for about 2 months and he had said he loved me I freaked at how fast things were going and told him I needed space. One of his biggest things was honesty and even if it was a little white lie he got p*ssed. My best guy friend was so supportave and he just broke up with his girlfriend so he came over and brought my fav achol. We did a few shots and things got out of control he said he had feelings for me. I woke up the next morning hung over and relizing I had slept with my guy bestie. I freeked out and eneded up telling him I cheated. He took it suprisingly well, and said he would forgive me in time. I was shocked he was so calm. Cause his temper isn't the best. After a wile of getting back together we were stronger. I relized I loved him and told him. We made plans on our future like the kinda house we would have and hom many kids , our careers and eventually getting married. it felt so right but I had a bad past b4 him. I was the party girl that all the guys loved cause she was easy. I changed though. I relized what I had done that by cheeting on him I was going back to my old self. I was so discusted with my self, I felt like he deserved better. I thought about it for a wile and as I thought about it more the more I thought he deserved better than me, A few days later I was talking 2 him on here and told him I wanted 2 break up. I told him he deserved better than me. Then I found out it was his birthday. he had told me things at home weren't going so great. Then I found out that the reason he was so calm was because that same night he went out and clept with another girl. He said that it was killing him and the whole time he was picturing me. But we then got into a huge fight. and ended it. Now I relize how dumb that was and want him back

    sophie W------

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  • It was 8 years ago while I was in the Army, I remember it as lucidly as it were yesterday...

    I was engaged for the second time... I gave my fiance the keys to my dorm room in order for her to take my mail to my room while I was on deployment. I returned early... I did not tell her I returned early because I thought it would be a good suprise... I came back and I quietly entered the dorm room... Appearently, they did not hear me enter. I caught a glimpse of my fiancee through a mirror placed adjascent to my bedroom door. She was nude and bobbing up and down. Enraged, I quietly exited leaving the front door open and went to the arms room to drop off my 2 pistols, my M-16 rifle, and any thing else that could be considered a weapon. I had a look on my face (according to others) as If I were going to murder someone. The arms room clerk called the MP's When he saw me go to my dorm room... I kicked the door open only to find my fiancee and my roomate screwing in MY BED! I laughes histerically saying, "So, this is what you think of me and my faith to you, eh?" "I'm sorry! It is not what it seems!" I replied, "Not as it seems? So you are not tossing your vagina to my bitch ass rommate eh? Well, F*ck me sideways!" She then says, "It's a mistake! I did not mean for this!" I scoffed, "Mistake, eh? So you accidentally seen him in my room naked and accidentally fell on his D*ck, P*ssy first? Nay, not a mistake... I shall give you mercy for your actions this once... I want my G_Ddamn ring back and I want you out of my life! I care not how you beg for forgiveness, I care not if you beg your parents to help reconcile... You are dead to me! You are warned, Leave the ring and leave my life, or I WILL do something I will regret!" She cried as she returned my ring, and dressed herself... She left. I told her father later (He was a Sergeant Major... She was 19 and still lived with him because she attended college and worked part time at the post exchange..) that it was over. Back to the instance, MP's were at my dorm room with my first sergeant and my roommate was in fear because I told him, "If I were you, I would fear sleeping in this dormroom tonight... You won't see tomorrow!" As the MP's were about to arrest me, my First Sergeant asked what was the meaning of this, and it was explained... I was granted release and the roommate was reassigned a new dormroom immediately. I only dated one person after that, and never dated again after we ended that relationship.

    • rough man. Just rough.

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    • That was 8-9 years ago now... I give less than a sh*t about it now... Her only excuse was that she mostly had sexual relationships, and Here I am a g_d damn celebate... LOL

    • that was horrible but my guy is in the military and I;ve also heard other similar stories of military sluts who sleep around. some on this base here where we are stationed... it is terrible

  • I doubt I have anything interesting to say, but what the hell? I have nothing to lose.

    Okay, so it was between me and this one girl. Really, at first she was dating this one dude and then the next thing I know, she is in my class (this is back in high school mind you). We started talking and as it turns out, we did like each other. I pretty much asked her out on the phone and she said yes. (Apparently she wasn't dating the first dude at the time.) We started talking a lot and I really didn't want to go too fast, but random words that I regret slipped out WAY too early in the relationship such as "I love you". This was mainly because I hadn't had a girlfriend in a while. After about a week or so of dating I walk into the class we had together and my best friend comes up to me and tells me right off the bat that she's breaking up with me. She goes back to her previous boyfriend after apologizing to me. I was just being stupid really and I told her that she "...put my heart back together again..." and that she was "...never aloud to look into my eyes again..." kind of stuff. (Note: I wore sunglasses in high school everywhere almost everyday.) After time passed, her boyfriend cheated on her and guess what? She came back to me and asked for forgiveness. I gave her a second chance and we started dating again. This time it was different because we weren't just talking anymore. We got "touchy" and I started letting my fantasies take over my heart and told her I wanted to have a second girlfriend. I'M AN IDIOT, I KNOW. I LEARNED QUICK. We broke up after that and she went back to that same previous boyfriend. This happened three more times with another guy. When we were together again, she acted like she wanted me to have another girl which was confusing. I was very happy though when she told me she loved me though. After that it was just back and forth because I was so confused that I started liking other girls and telling them I liked them and that it wasn't working out with what I had. The last time we broke up was the worst because we promised each other that we would get married and such. (Note: We were only 17.) The reason we broke up was because my mom wouldn't accept her for who she was when it turns out her dad didn't accept me either. She acted like she didn't care though. The main reason this was the worst break-up was because she told me "I don't love you anymore." and that really hurt. To this day I still wonder why she's back with that same boyfriend who doesn't give a sh*t about her and who doesn't love her. I wouldn't go back to her for the world honestly. It was from her that I've learned all I have learned throughout the years. I'm 19 now and I've graduated from high school. I've made my mistakes and sewn my seeds. What I went through was absolute hell, but it may not be the worse. I know what I want now though and I know what and who I am. I have nothing else to say. Sorry you had to read that entire thing. Please don't judge me.

    -Jeremy h.

  • my personal worst. my first girlfriend (I was 14) we dated for like 7 weeks I thought we were gonna get married the whole nine yards. we had sex (my first time) and I thought everything was going good, then I went back to my house (in another state) and tried to keep talking to her, turned out she was a cheap latina prostitute who my friends paid for because they thought it was about time I lost it... I've learned since then that love is a joke and there is never a happy ending that's why you just go for the one or two nighter girls (btw since then I've slept with 13 girls and only knew 3 of them for longer than a week)

    • Your friends hired a prostitute for a 14 year old O_O How old was she? I think you should give some real women, not brainless floozies a try mate.

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    • woaaaaaaaaaaah, your friends are douchebags


    • ... OK thx

  • I had a girl leave me for another girl, which of course makes you wonder if you turned her lesbian... Although she did date me again, several times. Another reason was, I'm being to distant and that I'm too clingy. God knows how I manage to be in both those categories...

  • I took my girlfriend to Florida then on a cruise to the Bahamas. She broke up with me after the ship departed from the Bahamas to the U.S. on the return trip.

    Love is blind. She told me that she only wanted to go on the trip and she asked me before that if we weren't dating would I still take her on the trip. I answered "no" without even thinking about it. It was my honest answer and she purposely strung me along for that trip.

    My friends told me that I should have tossed her over the side of the ship. She was an illegal alien (German) at the time but that wouldn't have solved anything. She went back with an ex and later asked if she could still have sex with me since they had an open relationship. I answered "no" and have never looked back.

    • wow... love some times is blind

    • wow what a horrible person she is. I cannot believe the audacity of some people.

      i'm glad you got over it quickly.

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