Is he on the "DL" or is he "just not that into me"?

We've been friends for years. Initially, he flirted, made subtle advances, etc. I told him that I wasn't "going there" with him so he backed off. Then he started taunting/teasing me and calling me scary. I just brushed that off. Every now and then he would try and make another move on me but then he would turn it off just as soon as he turned it on. We have never gone out on a date. It has always been just hanging out at his place or my place. Every now and then he would ask me to accompany him on his second job and I would. He travels and hangs out with friends(not me), and goes to his hometown each Spring. His calls to me are few and far between. He'll send me pictures of where he's been with his "friends" (e.g. Africa, Alaska, etc.). I've yet to be invited to go on any of these lavish trips. His disposition changes when I speak of another man's interest in me yet he reiterates that IF he does get "involved" with me he is not going to stop hanging with his friends, traveling, etc. These "friends" are always men. I have never heard him speak of an ex-Girlfriend, current girlfriend or female friends. He has a foot fetish and I believe if he could have a relationship with my feet only, he would. Nothing above my calf muscle seems to interest him anymore. Is he gay, bi, or simply just not that into me?


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  • You've stopped him in his tracks in the past when he's flirted or acted like he was interested in you. It sounds like he was interested in you at some point, but he's just fallen back to what you were requesting -- that is, a purely platonic friendship.

    As far as him being gay, why don't you ask him? You can couch it in such a way that he's not offended by the question. Though a gay man is not going to have a fetish over women's feet.

    You've turned him down enough times that he's given up. If you'd like to develop something beyond friendship, take the initiative and invite him to hang out with you next time, and see if you can't throw a few flirts his direction.


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  • sorry,but well you kinda sound like a b****!Do you think he should have stayed hung up on JUST YOU! sorry but he probly did want you at one time but he just not that into you...anymore!you said it your self he backed seem kinda dumb to...sorry

    • From this you got dumb, "B"? wow.

    • Sorry I know its no reson but I was mad yesterday(pms) and I was calling every one dumb "B" .....Sorry again.

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