Why does my ex want to talk about it in person?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago (he ended it because we fight too much and he thinks im too demanding)
But we are still "friends" since he still contacts me every week (messages and calls me) and wants to hang out every week
But I still love my ex boyfriend
So my ex boyfriend called me last night and I exploded.

This was our conversation:
Me - i need to ask you questions, but first im gonna be honest, i feel awkward just us being friends, tell me the truth, do you see us in the future or you dont think we are right for each other?
Him - its not that, i really do want to be with you but the reason why i broke it off is because you are just too demanding, im pursuing my career as a police and im really serious about it so i can't give you full attention and a lot of time, i wish i could be with you, i really do but i just need time to do this on my own
Me - i just dont want to be played around or you putting me in the back burner. I rather move on and find someone else
Him - playing you around? Are you serious? How am i playing you around? Im not seeing other girls. Im not talking to other girls. Im focusing on myself. I've been single for a while now and if i wanted to flirt with other girls, I would have. But im not. Why do u think i message you and call you often? Why do u think i wanna hang out with you? Seriously, you always doubt me. You give up on me easily too.
Me - what if you find someone better? What if u meet someone in the police academy?
Him - omg no. If im in a commited relationship, i would not do that. And plus im not there to meet girls. You just dont understand me. Give me a chance to do finish this please. If I've already completed this, I would have never left you. You know what? Lets just meet in person this weekend and talk about it okay? Its better to talk about it when we see each other. Dont think about it too much for now

Why does he want to talk bout this in person?
He just want to talk about it
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He may want to get back together
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Why does my ex want to talk about it in person?
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