Will she come back and or what?

I'm going to rush it here and skip to the point...This girl we dated for 3 months we broke up because I thought she was cheating on me and it turns out she wasn't.Now were past that we've established she wasn't cheating.We start talking again and she say's she loves me and is still 80% in love with me.But her friends despise me and I think she's heavily influenced by her friend.Well she calls me drunk one night and we talk and its fine she falls asleep at her house.THE VERY NEXT DAY she calls me drunk again and I was with friends from after work and I was barely talking because I was with them and she kept asking why I'm barely talking, and I said why.The next day she's like "why is it when I tolled you I partied with my friend Zack you've treated me like sh*t?" when I didn't we barely talked those to days because I had to work and the really only time we talked was when she was "Supposedly" drunk well she's like all you do is push me away and I don't see how.Now were not speaking its been one day and not a word has been said between us how long do I go without talking to her...and what do I say when she talks to me again...i wanna save this if I can what do you guys think? please help me fast.


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  • She has to come back. Women need to give oral sex to men or they feel like they are going to go crazy. She will need to come back so she can satisfy her need for sperm. Just wave your P*nis in her face & tell her she can't have it until she agrees to be yours again. Trust me, she won't be able to resist.


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